Recently, a lot of people have asked for Intellisense support for AngularJS in the Visual Studio HTML editor. The bad news is that there is no extensibility for providing additional HTML attribute Intellisense, so I can’t ship this support in Web Essentials.

The good news is that we can accomplish this through a more manual mechanism.


Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1

Find the file commonHTML5Types.xsd located in the Visual Studio install directory and back it up (just in case). Mine is here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Common7\Packages\schemas\html

Step 2

Download this new version of commonHTML5Types.xsd and replace the existing one from the directory in Step 1 with it.

Step 3

Restart Visual Studio and that's it. You now have all the ng-* attributes available in Intellisense. This Works On My Machinetm, so please let me know if it works on yours too.

I still want to add native support in either Visual Studio or Web Essentials, so if this is something you’re interested in, please vote for it here.


Comment by Nick

Is it possible to extend resharper?

Comment by Dmitriy

nice job. it works

Comment by Frank

That doesn't seem to work for me with ReSharper (VS 2012.1). What exactly does the category="Angular" attribute do?

Comment by Alon

This does not work for me (i have resharper too)

Comment by Ricky

Thanks for sharing. I have created the VS2010 version for anybody who's interested.


Comment by Frank

For everyone using ReSharper: You could either disable ReSharpers Intellisense for HTML (you'll easily find it in the settings) or you can go ahead and get a Resharper plugin called resharper-angularjs.


Note that you'll need the ReSharper SDK to compile the plugin.

Comment by Volkan Atabey

thanks mads kristensen ;)

Comment by Kevin Hakanson

I did something similar for jQuery Mobile data- attributes a couple years ago in Visual Studio 2010. The project is on github, but I haven't updated for VS2012 or recent version of jQuery Mobile. Feel free to take if it has value.

Kevin Hakanson
Comment by Chowdhury M Rahman

Works. :-)
Thank you so much.

Chowdhury M Rahman
Comment by Jon Galloway

What about putting the Angular attributes in a new angular.xsd and referencing it from commonHTML5Types.xsd using <xsd:import schemaLocation="angular.xsd"/> ? It'd still require an edit to commonHTML5Types.xsd but would work better with any other edits or additions.

Comment by scoop.it

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Comment by prabhakar


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Comment by BrainCrumbz

Thanks for sharing! My tiny tiny contribution:

** I like not to have complaints and green squiggles for unknown HTML5 attributes, so I always use the data-ng-* version of angular attributes. Hence I just cloned the xsd:attribute items inside angularJSDirectives.xsd, obtaining name=”data-ng-app”, name=”data-ng-bind”, and so on

** ng-app seems to be listed twice

Comment by Jarle

Since it is JetBrains that made ReSharper, maybe you should try asking them!

Comment by michael

Needs "ng-submit."

Comment by Matthew Blott

Ha, I don't like the squiggles either :-)

Matthew Blott
Comment by ranadheer

Thank you very much. it is working...

Comment by feedproxy.google.com

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Comment by nadeemc

Very useful, thank you! Modified to use data-ng-* instead. For this interested in doing the same, open the file in notepad, find-and-replace [i]name="ng-[/i] with [i]name="data-ng-[/i]

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Comment by John O&#39;Connor

Thanks Mads, this is a great help! What I'd still like to see though is javascript intellisense for angular. While I can get one or two method names to pop up by adding a script reference to angular.js at the top of my .js file, there's no parameter information and lots of other missing things. What's needed is a vsdoc file with XML comments as has been done for jQuery. Do you know if anyone has any plans to generate such a file for angular?

Comment by Matt

Thank you very much. it is working...

Comment by Marcel Bradea

@John, this is a bigger "Javascript" problem. Consider looking at TypeScript which tackles the typing problem head on, and in a beautiful way.

Type mappings for Angular as well as many other JS frameworks are maintained here: https://github.com/borisyankov/DefinitelyTyped

Comment by Gaurav Madaan

Thanks. It worked for me. This is really great.

Comment by David Manske

For Visual Studio 2012 and Resharper < 8, you'll want to navigate to the github repository for resharper-angularjs (https://github.com/JetBrains/resharper-angularjs) and install the bits. If you're using Resharper 8 you can simply open Visual Studio -> Resharper Toolbar -> Extension Manager, then in the Online Extensions you'll find an AngularJS extension. However, you'll notice in Visual Studio 2013 that these elements don't show collapsed, ng-...,

Comment by vignesh

Nice Buddy it's works fine....... Thanks for sharing this

Comment by Fred

Many thanks. It worked well.

Comment by Kedar

Thanks a lot! IT worked like a miracle!!

Comment by shahar

yes this is great