imageSo you just built a website and are about to make it public to the world. You go through a few checks to make sure that everything works as expected. Perhaps run HTML validation and other similar services.

But are you sure you remembered to implement all the best practices? Does it look good on mobile devices, in Windows 8 snapped view and what about basic accessibility?

Enter Web Developer Checklist

We’ve tried to come up with the complete list of tasks and checks that every web developer should go through when developing any kind of website. The Web Developer Checklist is structured in a way that makes it really easy to follow the progress as well as getting help to perform all the checks.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.


Comment by John Bates

Nice concept.

A problem though: the information icons don't expand when using Firefox 17.0.1, especially the one attached to the "Check website in all browsers" option :-D

John Bates

Comment by Rick Mason

Nice idea, but still needs work. For starters:

I don't see the info icons at all on original iPad (3 browsers tried) so I have no idea what "world ready" is.
Rather than no www, I'd say make sure it works with and without www and one version 301s to the other. Lots of people will type www even if you say not to.
"Security best practices" is too vague. Obviously there could be hundreds but maybe refer to OWASP top 10?
Not sure why you specify microdata when you don't mention specific tech elsewhere. RDFa is just as good, arguably better.
I don't think it should have WAI-ARIA as optional. I'd put "test in NVDA" instead. If there are problems WAI-ARIA may be the solution, but you need it or you don't - it's not a preference.

By the way your comment form isn't working in the mobile theme.

Rick Mason