imageIn the beginning of January, we released the Web Developer Checklist with great interest from the general web community. The checklist helps raising awareness of common best practices for building websites.

It was always the plan to branch the checklist out into technology specific checklists to make it even easier to apply all the best practices.

Today we’re excited to announce the first technology specific checklist – the ASP.NET Developer Checklist. It contains links to many ASP.NET specific tools and solutions to common problems.

Not only is it a great tool for all ASP.NET developers to learn from, but also to track the progress of implementing the various best practices.

We hope it will be received well and add value to the millions of ASP.NET developers worldwide. In the meantime we will be working on finishing another ASP.NET specific checklist that focuses on website performance.

ASP.NET is just the first of many web technologies to receive its own checklist, so remember to check the Web Developer Checklist often for updates.


Comment by Rob

Mads- My company has webdevchecklist.com blocked by WebSense. Any chance you can submit something to WebSense to get them to remove it from the 'potentially damaging content' category? I've had to do this before for sites that I've done.

Comment by Rob

BTW- you just have to send them an email: suggest@websense.com telling them you're the site owner and a description of what it's purpose is.

Comment by Sridhar

Whenever we tried to open webdevchecklist.com, my company network blocking this site and showing this message
"[b]This Websense category is filtered: Potentially Damaging Content. Sites in this category may pose a security threat to network resources or private information, and are blocked by your organization.[/b]"

Is there any damaging content in this site?

I am able to use this site from my home network. Nice work.



Comment by Lennart

I can't access the website either, our company's security software is blocking it. This is the message I'm getting:
Access has been blocked as the threat Mal/HTMLGen-A has been found on this website.


Comment by Jim Baker

hey i read through this and i am new to asp.net... i am trying to develop my first app in it and this is very helpful. Thank you for the time you spent to write this checklist. your awesome.