Today, I am proud to announce the next version of BlogEngine.NET is being released to the public. A lot of new features and improvements have been added along with new cool themes.

The BlogEngine.NET team and I are very pleased with this release, because it marks the continuous evolution of the project. Both the community and the team have been very innovative and have created a solid solution together. The community has done so much work on the project since the first release and it is only because of that we can release this soon. Truly amazing.

The performance is much better, the whole application is more stable and secure, and a lot of features have been added. A lot of small things have also been added or improved such as all the themes are 100% XHTML compliant and supports various microformats out of the box.

You can read the release note on the BlogEngine.NET website and you can download the new release from CodePlex right now.


Comment by Dan

And for those lazy asp.net coders, you can try BlogEngine.NET without doing any configuration or attaching databases.
Open in your Visual Web Developer Express the folder BlogEngine.NET and execute. Or better, use the context menu to launch the web development server ( www.chrismay.org/.../...erver+From+Any+Folder.aspx ), open your browser and you can begin to enter comments and so on.


Comment by Marc

Great job. Really pleased with the simplicity and long may it continue.
I'll be porting my site at the end of this week.

Comment by harsha

Great release, just downloaded it, The SQL script provided doesn't work for sql2k, it would have been better if there was a script available readily. I had to make some changes to make it work in sql2k.


Comment by khalil

i still cant login even after giving full permission to App_Data folder. anyone got the same problem ?