Web EssentialsAt the //build/ conference when Visual Studio 2013 Preview was released, I open sourced Web Essentials 2013 live on stage. So far that has been really successful with 110 pull requests sent by the community. And Visual Studio 2013 is not even out in its final version yet!

Now it’s time to open source Web Essentials 2012 as well. It has taken a little longer than I wanted, but now it’s finally done and published.

The code

The source code for both Web Essentials 2012 and 2013 is on GitHub.

Web Essentials 2012

Web Essentials 2013

Remember to also check out my latest project SideWaffle that I’m building with Sayed and the ASP.NET/Visual Studio community.


Comment by Joshua Stein

Great work on this! Thanks Mads for bringing the community into this excellent project.

Joshua Stein