UPDATE 2: The guys at ZYB has offered to keep the beer flowing in the jungle room at their expense.

UPDATE 1: Sign-up is closed. There is room for no more. I'm looking forward to meeting you all. 

Here is the latest info on the geek dinner. The geek dinner will take place 7pm at:

Chico’s Cantina
Borgergade 2
1300 København K

We have our own table in the jungle room which is a very nice place and as far as I know, each table in the jungle room comes with its own draft beer tab.

The people signed up so far are:

  • Jeppe Rørbæk (Microsoft)
  • Niels Hartvig (Umbraco)
  • Daniel Frost (ActiveDeveloper)
  • Mads Kristensen (astronaut at NASA)
  • Nikolaj Winnes (former Microsoft. Currently ??)
  • Martin Høst Normark (Traceworks)
  • Ole Højriis Kristensen (ZYB)
  • Morten Jokumsen (DotNet Forum)
  • Thomas Martinsen (MicroMax)
  • Martin Esmann (Microsoft)
  • Jakob Reimers (ZYB)
  • Marius Slyzius(Scimore)
  • Tony Fonager (chart.dk, netcoders.dk)
  • Jimmi Bram Nielsen (Traceworks)

If your name is not on the list, please contact me ASAP.There is room for one more. Last call for signing up is this Friday. If a lot more sign up, then I need to find a new restaurant.