It’s about 1½ year since BlogEngine.NET saw the light of day, and one person has been on the team almost from the very beginning. Of course, I’m talking about Al Nyveldt. We’ve been planning, designing and developing BlogEngine.NET all this time, but never actually met since I live in Denmark in him in Pennsylvania.

Well, now it’s about to change because I leave for New York City in a few hours and Al has agreed to meet up with me there. If you want to have a talk about the past, present and future of BlogEngine.NET, then meet us at noon in the Hilton hotel near Central Park – it’s this Friday, October 3rd.


Comment by Mike van Zandwijk

A month earlier in NYC and I'd have joined your meeting.

If you're looking for a nice restaurant (good food, nice service, affordable), than Dallas BBQ near Broadway/Times Sqr. is a great choice.

Have fun in New York, I love this city!

Comment by Jitendra Singh

hey i m big fan of blogEngine, just started my own blog powered by blogEngine.
BlogEngine have a gr8 future, you guys can extend it like dotnetDuke and wordpress. So guys do something and be proud to be a Dot Net blog creator.
I wish i'll be there but i m too far from there here in India, delhi.
so all the best!!! :)



Comment by DE

I wish you would have mentioned this on the facebook page. :( Could have been there and would have liked to.


Comment by Speed Dating

Too bad I missed it. I would have 100% come. I just started using Blog Engine for our site's blog: http://www.nyminutedating.com/blog

I have a question, since you are one of the developers of blog engine, that maybe you can answer for me. When people leave comments of my site, the footer of the comment contains the http URL of the comment poster...the problem is that it shows up twice back to back...I'm wondering whether I broke something upon upload, or upon installation, or something. Or maybe it's got to do with the template? If I can be geared and told is something is wrong, that would be great.

I really hope you take a minute to check it out...The URL for my blog is above in this comment...I have ticked to be notified of new comments.

Comment by Sam Casuncad

Hello Mads,

Glad to hear you have meetings like that back there. I wanted to have something like what you are having with some colleagues but the plan did not push through. Maybe because some are not willing to make a commitment. Anyway, I just envy you guys for that and thanks for leading me to this tool.


Comment by BBQ NYC

Hey Mads,

I think it's cool that these meetings are taking place and that Blogengine is doing so great. It's really superior to anything else that's okay there.