Here’s a feature that you might have missed in Visual Studio 2013 RC. It’s one of my absolute favorite features because it solves a very common problem that I often run into when building websites.

I think it’s better to just show you what this feature does instead of writing about it. Check out the video below.

This means you no longer have to manually add references to any JavaScript file in order to get Intellisense for that file. When auto-sync is enabled in /Scripts/_references.js then you will always have Intellisense for all your .js files in your project no matter where they are located.


Comment by Thomas Jespersen

Nice... But I don't like the convention about the scripts folder. Pls. make it configurable.

Thomas Jespersen

Comment by Mads Kristensen

It is configurable under Tools -> Options -> Text Editors -> JavaScript. You can set it to any folder name you'd like, but by default it has to be in the [b]~/Scripts/[/b] folder

Comment by jonathan

Can't see the option Mads - I opened Tools -> Options -> Text Editor [NO 'S'] -> JavaScript and couldn't see any place I could change this


Comment by Niels


its there also a way to avoid certain folders to be included automatically?
I ask, because we are working with an Eclipse workspace which has lot's of "target" folders etc.
As the whole developer experience in VS is much better and I get more support in writing code I created a website-project to be able to work with the Eclipse workspace (a normal project does not work as newly added files are not added automatically).
So suppressing some folders/files to be added automatically would be very helpful.



Comment by Lee

I have a separate project for each area within my solution. I then place all scripts within each project under ProjectPath\Assets\Scripts. Each asset is then embedded. Will I still be able to use all/some of this functionality?


Comment by Mads Kristensen


I believe you need a /script/_references.js per project. I'm not sure if it will pick up the _references.js from the parent project, but I don't believe it will.

Comment by Leonid

There are no both "Auto-sync JavaScript References" and "Update JavaScript References" in my "RightClick" menu in "_references.js" (VS2013)


Comment by Javid

I have a web-project (created using the empty project template). I added the _references.js file inside my Scripts folder. Right-clicking inside this file and selecting 'update JS references' added references to all JS files that I had in the solution, but I still don't get any Intellisense.
Any idea? (I am using VS 2013 Ultimate)