Fellow geeks, I believe it is time for another geek dinner in Copenhagen. The last one was a huge success and I think all the attendees had a great time geeking out in each others company. Not to mention the free beer…

Last time we went to Chico’s Cantina which was a fantastic place, but unfortunately the tables are not that big. We could only fit 12 people around it. So I’ll find a new restaurant/café in the inner city. Stay tuned for the exact place.

Tuesday the 29th of January at 7:00pm is the DateTime. If you are interested in joining then please send me a mail. Everybody is welcome. I need to know who’s coming Thursday the 17th at the latest, so I can make the reservation. This time I’ll remember to bring a camera so I can post some pictures afterwards.


UPDATE 2: The guys at ZYB has offered to keep the beer flowing in the jungle room at their expense.

UPDATE 1: Sign-up is closed. There is room for no more. I'm looking forward to meeting you all. 

Here is the latest info on the geek dinner. The geek dinner will take place 7pm at:

Chico’s Cantina
Borgergade 2
1300 København K

We have our own table in the jungle room which is a very nice place and as far as I know, each table in the jungle room comes with its own draft beer tab.

The people signed up so far are:

  • Jeppe Rørbæk (Microsoft)
  • Niels Hartvig (Umbraco)
  • Daniel Frost (ActiveDeveloper)
  • Mads Kristensen (astronaut at NASA)
  • Nikolaj Winnes (former Microsoft. Currently ??)
  • Martin Høst Normark (Traceworks)
  • Ole Højriis Kristensen (ZYB)
  • Morten Jokumsen (DotNet Forum)
  • Thomas Martinsen (MicroMax)
  • Martin Esmann (Microsoft)
  • Jakob Reimers (ZYB)
  • Marius Slyzius(Scimore)
  • Tony Fonager (chart.dk, netcoders.dk)
  • Jimmi Bram Nielsen (Traceworks)

If your name is not on the list, please contact me ASAP.There is room for one more. Last call for signing up is this Friday. If a lot more sign up, then I need to find a new restaurant.


The upcoming geek dinner in Copenhagen, November 14th at 7pm is getting closer. So far about 12 people have decided to participate and you can still sign up if you haven’t already. In about a week from now, I’ll find and make reservations at a restaurant in Copenhagen. The choice of restaurant is based on the number of participant, but if you have any preferences please let me know.

Some of the better known people attending are

Niels Hartvig (Umbraco)
Jeppe Rørbæk (Microsoft Evangelist)
Daniel Frost (ActiveDeveloper)

So if you’re interested in joining the dinner, write me a comment or send a mail.


UPDATE: We have to move the geek dinner to November 14th instead. There is TechEd in Barcelona the week around the 7th. 

About a month ago I attended a geek dinner in Odense that Daniel arranged and it was a great experience. Met a lot of interesting people and just had a great time. For some reason, there are no geek dinner arrangements in Copenhagen. After attending the geek dinner in Odense I realized what a shame that is. It was that good. It’s far to travel to Odense on a work night, so I definitely think a Copenhagen geek dinner is needed.

Basically what I’m saying is that I want to start a geek dinner tradition in Copenhagen and if you’re interested in participating then send me a mail or write a comment. I propose Wednesday November 7th at about 6 o’clock for the first arrangement. The plan is to meet at a restaurant to have some dinner and drinks and talk about geek stuff. No speakers or dress code, just kicking back and having fun.

If enough people show their interest, I'll find a restaurant and arrange the reservations. Stay tuned.