Earlier this week we shipped Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 CTP 2. Gotta love that name. The previous CTP 1 release didn’t contain any web specific features, but CTP 2 is packed with web goodness. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Improvements to the LESS editor
    • Nested media queries
    • Named parameters
    • Selector interpolation
    • Go to definition for variables, mixins and @import
    • Many additional tweaks and fixes
  • A brand new SCSS editor
    • With all the bells and whistles you’d expect
  • A brand new JSON editor
    • Basic editor features. More to come in the final release
  • Knockout.js Intellisense updates
    • Nested view model support
    • KO comments
    • Fixes and tweaks
  • New URL picker for HTML, CSS, LESS and SCSS
  • Browser Link updates
    • HTTPS support
    • Static HTML source mapping
    • SPA support for mapping data
    • Auto-update mapping data
  • General updates, tweaks and fixes

Even though the release is “just” a CTP, all these features are very solid and of high quality. I can only recommend giving CTP 2 a try if you haven’t already. There is so much web development awesomeness in it.

Web Essentials doesn’t work with CTP 2

That’s right, Web Essentials 1.9 and earlier doesn’t work with CTP 2 due to API changes in Visual Studio. If you install Web Essentials on CTP 2 you will be greeted with this nice error message:


The ‘EditorExtensionsPackage’ package did not load correctly. This makes little sense to most people, since it’s not very clear what EditorExtensionsPackage is. Well, it’s the original name of Web Essentials that never got changed as you can see here in the source code.

Download a compatible version

The open source community  around Web Essentials is working on a new release that is compatible with CTP 2 and beyond. It has not yet been released. When it’s released, it will only work on Update 2 CTP 2 and later. Because of the API changes, we haven’t been able to make it backwards compatible, unfortunately.

So, if you want to give CTP 2 a spin, then please try out the new nightly builds of Web Essentials. As an added benefit, the latest build also contains Intellisense improvements to the JavaScript editor as well as support for JsDoc comments.

Download Visual Studio Update 2 CTP 2
Download Web Essentials 2013 for CTP 2

I have yet to see any issues with the latest build of Web Essentials. Actually, several existing bugs have been fixed in that build.


Borek Bernard

Thanks Mads, it is working well so far. It even fixed some of the annoyances I've had with Browser Link, great job! I just wish that Visual Studio wasn't such a monolithic piece of IDE - I had some minor issues with web development and it is a shame that I need to wait for a whole release of VS (including things that are of no interest to me like TFS updates) instead of just downloading the update in form of VSIX or something like that. Hopefully this will improve in the future.

Borek Bernard
Russell Lewis

Good to see an update. Unfortunatly the WE CTP 2 build reintroduces the UI slowdown/high CPU issue that went away with in 1.9. It makes editing less files a real drag.

Russell Lewis

Small trouble, once I have this installed every time I start visual studio it crashed with .. --------------------------- Microsoft Visual Studio --------------------------- Class not registered. Looking for object with CLSID: {3B6A8A95-60A9-4EFC-AB17-DD892979B105}. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- Any Ideas ?

Luke Baughan

@Anuj I did some googling and found this link which gives a possible workaround for your missing CLSID http://forums.asp.net/t/1781644.aspx?Microsoft Visual Studi Class not registered

Luke Baughan
Hannes Preishuber

not direct realated- but whats going on with the asp.net webforms scaffolding feature (the vb-net one cause webforms is vb)

Hannes Preishuber

I just installed it today and I must say I am impressed with sass editor... Only thing I am missing is integration with compass - config.rb file to put my paths inside (images, scripts... paths) (but still @mixin is working...) or maybe I just don't know how to configure it.


Maybe I just don't know what I'm doing, but I get errors when trying to @import compass or susy. Has anyone successfully used Web Essentials with Compass?


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